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Tonight’s Great Moment was kindly provided by my brother’s father-in-law Andy. He saw this while on holiday in Malaga and took a photograph for me. After careful consideration he decided not to order the sandwich.

Usually with foreign-language errors, it’s pretty easy to spot what the author was actually getting at, but this one’s defeated me. “Wound sandwich.” What on earth can it be? There’s nothing you might conceivably put in a sandwich that’s spelled even faintly like “wound”.

It’s as if the writer had one of those moments where you accidentally say entirely the wrong word, like the time I thought I’d asked my friend if she’d like a bun, then mentally replayed what I’d said and realised I’d actually offered her a toaster – only it happened to him in a foreign language.

“Wound sandwich.” The more I look at it, the more opaque it becomes. “Wound sandwich.” A total mystery.

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