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So, just by way of background:

My daughter thought it would be fun to make some lovely edible Christmassy holly leaves and berries.

We couldn’t find any coloured icing in the shop, but that was okay. They had white icing and food colouring.

We decided to do the berries first.

“What’s the best way to do this?” I asked. “Shall we try painting the berries once you’ve made them? Or shall we try and mix food-colouring with the icing to make it red all the way through?”

We decided we’d try and make the icing red all the way through.

Here’s how well that went:

Zombiepocalypse icing

Here’s a closer view:

Zombiepocalypse icing 2

And one final shot, just to really enjoy the full effect:

Zombiepocalypse icing 3

Merry Christmas!

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