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apostrophe fail

Dear Mr or Ms Magi Pics,

See this picture? This is a screen-shot of your Magi Pics Stationery Studio TV advert.

You will please note that the text written on this bookmark reads, “YOUR SWEET!”

Unless the dough component of this product is genuinely meant to be a sweet (as in, “This is your sweet! I am giving it to you because I am your friend and I like you! Now please put it in your mouth and eat it!”) it looks like very much you’ve failed to correctly distinguish between YOUR and YOU’RE.

This makes me sad and angry. In fact, it makes me want to come round to YOUR house and jab you very hard in the face with a pointy stick until YOU’RE begging for mercy.

Obviously, I won’t come round to YOUR house and jab you with a pointy stick until YOU’RE begging for mercy, because I am an adult. However, YOU’RE also an adult and I think it’s reasonable to expect you to be able to use YOUR words.

Specifically, I think you should be reliably able to tell the difference between YOUR (the possessive adjective) and YOU’RE (the contraction of “YOU ARE”).

For future reference, here’s a simple test so you can make sure YOU’RE getting YOUR spelling right in future:

If you can replace the word with the phrase, “You are” (for example, “YOU’RE frightening with me with the venom you have unleashed upon me for my admittedly quite high-profile bad spelling incident”), you want the word YOU’RE.

If you can’t do this (for example, “I can’t quite believe how much of YOUR time and mine you have spent on this. Please never ever talk to me again”) then you want the word YOUR.

YOU’RE welcome,


PS In the body copy of YOUR website, you have also confused “STATIONERY” (the products and materials associated with the act of writing) with “STATIONARY” (the property of being immobile).

Again, YOU’RE welcome.

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