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A Surprisingly Delightful Website

Here’s an illustrated transcript of the conversation that took place regarding the website of the National Insulator Appreciation Society, www.nia.org.

Ian shared a link:

Another page for Cassandra Jane Parkin‘s archives. The quarterly newsletter (Drip Points) is worth a look.

Ian: For the record, this is one of my favourite insulators:

Ian: Also there’s an amazingly detailed guide to things which look like insulators, but aren’t. So that will keep you on the straight and narrow.

Cassandra: These are ace. ACE. Thank you!!!

Ian: I actually really like this website. When Deb [Ian’s wife] saw me looking at it she said “is that that insulator website again?”

Cassandra: I can see why you like it actually. There’s something pleasing about insulators.

Cassandra: OMG. I like some of the insulators more than others. I have an Insulator Aesthetic.

CD 158

Ian: Insulators are great. There are some purple ones on there. You like purple.

CD 162

Cassandra: I do. I like the purple one a lot. And also CD 145.6. That one’s very nice. And CD 268.5 is lovely, I’d have that as an ornament.

I don’t like the House Telegraph insulator, though. That one’s horrible.

CD 145.6

House Telegraph Insulator

Ian: http://www.nia.org/general/cd_text/cd106.htm

CD 106

Ian: Oooh wow. I like CD 268.5 too.

Ian: Yep with you on the house telegraph insulator too. Yuk.

Cassandra: They’re very comforting objects.

Cassandra: It would be nice to go to a quiet American motel built out of old, grey wood, and stay in a very bare room on the first floor, and put an insulator on the windowsill and look at it by the light of the street-lamp outside.

Cassandra: I’m writing Insulator Porn now, aren’t I. I need to get out more.

Ian: But you’re so right! Maybe some of your friends in the US can make this happen.

Cassandra: One day we can take a road-trip. And when the Immigration people at the airport ask us the purpose of our trip, we can say, “We’re going to find a small motel and sit and look at insulators.”

If you, like me, now find yourself strangely drawn to these unexpectedly compelling industrial components, you may be interested to know that they quite often come up for sale on eBay. Only let’s try not to get into a bidding war, m’kay? As long as we conduct ourselves like ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure there are plenty of insulators for everyone.

And if you, like me, now have a Favourite Insulator, why not leave a note of it in the comments so everyone else can enjoy it too?

Note: to date, the proposed road-trip has not yet been undertaken.

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