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Readers from outside the UK may not be aware that our biggest Supermarket chain, Tesco, was recently discovered to have been accidentally putting horse-meat in its beefburgers.

Interesting topics for a blog piece about horsemeat in Tesco burgers:

– Do we, as consumers, want to buy beefburgers (or indeed anything) from a company that – unlike your average six-year-old – can’t reliably tell the difference between a horse and a cow?
– If they’re making burgers with the wrong species of animal, what other horrors might be lurking in their supply-chain?
– Why are so many of us totally down with eating one grass-fed domesticated herbivore, but completely appalled at the thought of eating another slightly different one?

"In your FACE, cows and pigs and sheep and chickens and goats!"

“In your FACE, cows and pigs and sheep and chickens and goats!”

Childish and juvenile topics for a blog piece about horsemeat in Tesco burgers:

– Spend a morning roaming around a local branch of Tesco, enjoying how much of their in-store signage now comes with its own unspoken horse-related punchline.

Well, what can I tell you? I have a sense-of-humour age of about six, and still think Viz is one of the great comic achievements of our age.

Let’s start with their apology. To be fair to Tesco, they have acknowledged that what happened was disturbing and wrong for many reasons, and they have shared this apology at various points around the store (including this one, stuck to the outside of the frozen-burger cabinet).

Tesco horse meat apology

Apparently they’re introducing “a comprehensive system of DNA testing across all our meat products”. My personal view is that if you find yourself in a relationship – business or personal – where you have to resort to DNA testing to keep the other party honest, then you should maybe start looking for another person to have sex with or buy horse-meat off or whatever, but maybe that’s just me.

I might also have taken a quick squizz at some of the other signs on display around the store, and asked myself if they were still working as well as they had been a couple of weeks ago:

Tesco no artificial colours

Good to know, right?

I also really like this one:

Tesco GDA advice

“…unless you’re watching your Horse intake. In which case frankly, you’re on your own.”

Tesco care where milk comes from

(I wonder, how easy is it to milk a horse? Anyone reading who’s ever tried it? Are they easier or harder than cows?)

From over by the In-store Bakery:

Tesco community

“…for example, by ensuring children from less well-off backgrounds are given the crucial life-skills needed to tell the difference between horses and cows.

Also, Horse Rescue Centres.”

Of course, horse-meat is a dietary staple in a lot of countries. Maybe that’s what they’re getting at here:

Tesco best of British

This one is my personal favourite:

Tesco we dont put anything in our prepared meals

And finally, this is the one I saw on my way out:

Tesco Real Food

“Horse-meat Value Burgers. Keeping it real since 1919.”

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