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Tonight I’m doing a shout-out for submissions! We’re looking for talented flash-fiction writers to submit their work to the fantastic blog project FlashFlood, which will be posting a fabulous new flash fiction every few minutes throughout National Flash Fiction Day.

The rules are dead simple:

1. Write a Flash Fiction of 500 words or less.
2. Post it into the body of an email (no attachments, please) to the editorial team. You can reach us at flashfloodjournal@gmail.com. You have until MIDNIGHT ON 15th MAY 2012.
3. The editorial team will review it and get back to you in an eerily rapid fashion (we can’t absolutely promise, but we’re aiming to reply within 24 hours of you pressing “send”).
4. If we like it, we’ll post it up to our blog during the course of 16th May, National Flash Fiction Day.

And that’s it! So what are you waiting for? Come on, you know you want to.

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