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So I think I just caught Microsoft out in a sneaky childish “La, la, la, can’t hear you, not listening” moment with Android.

This is Microsoft’s latest effort to convince me that I really, really, really want to give some more money to Bill Gates. If I look at it on my computer, using a Google Chrome browser, I see this –

But if Tony looks at it on his tablet, using Android, he sees this –

(For those of you who have lives instead of Marketing jobs, the Lorem Ipsum stuff is the standard holding copy used by advertising agencies as placeholder copy when they haven’t yet come up with something sufficiently brilliant to fill in the space.)

Tony, who knows orders of magnitude more about technology than I ever will, claims this is because he is using Android whereas I am using Chrome. But why would a different browser see an earlier version of an advert – which, since it’s using the Lorem Ipsum copy, the Android one clearly is? How can two different versions of the same ad be inhabiting the same virtual spot on the same webpage, and which version you see depends on how willing Microsoft are to acknowledge your presence in the marketplace?

There’s probably a good technical reason for this to be true. But I like to think that it’s because the good people at Microsoft have made it that way on purpose, to try and convince Android users that even hard-pressed advertisers think their technology platform isn’t worth bothering with.

If you want to check this out for yourself, it’s currently on rotation on the front page of the Daily Mail. Which I don’t read, obviously. I just…um…happened to click on it by accident. Yes, that’s it. That’s definitely what happened.

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