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All Christmas Gift Dilemmas Are Now Solved.

THIS is what I want for Christmas. Nothing else. Just this.

This, and possibly the materials needed to make a start on the first of 55 marvellous, magical…Christmas Balls.

Christmas Balls. When I have fifty-five of them, my life will be as perfect as Arne and Carlos’s life is already. That’s definitely worth a little hard work and knitting yarn.

The more I look at this book, the more I love absolutely everything about it. I like its hardback, durable nature (this, like the 55 Knitted Balls, will clearly become an important heirloom). I like the high-quality paper the publishers have clearly insisted on. I like how big it is. And I especially like how much the cover photo says about Arne and Carlos’s relationship;

Carlos looks shyly pleased with their accomplishment, as if, with the publication of “55 Christmas Balls To Knit”, everything he had ever hoped for has now come to pass. Arne, on the other hand, has the wild-eyed sadness of a man who is trapped and drowning in loneliness. On the surface, he and Carlos seem like any other Christmas-ball-knitting couple; content, happy, well-matched. But inside his head, Arne screams silently for someone – anyone – to ride over the horizon and rescue him.

But nobody ever comes.

I found this in Hobbycraft, and spent a good ten minutes pointing and laughing before finally putting it on the floor so I could take a photo. Meanwhile, my mother-in-law (who is lovely. Have I mentioned before that she is lovely? I’m sure I must have done somewhere. Ah, yes, here we are) waited patiently for me to stop making a show of myself so we could go back to obsessing about felt and sewing boxes. However, if you don’t have a Hobbycraft nearby, you can also get it on Amazon, where it will cost you £9.09, plus a large portion of your street-cred if anyone ever finds out that you own it. Fortunately I think we can all agree that it’s worth it.

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